Why you should get a newsroom for your company and use a separate newsroom service for the benefits of your SEO

If you own or run a business of any kind, likely you produce news content such as announcements of new products, etc. Where do you keep such articles? If you don’t already have an online newsroom page on your business websites, then it’s high time you created one.

Lots of effort goes into writing things like press releases or other news content, so keeping it all in one place is vital to keep track of all your public relations content for both your customers and the media.

What is an online newsroom, why do your business need one?

It’s a page on your business website where you will keep anything and everything that applies to news concerning your business. This sort of online newsroom offers many benefits for your company.

Firstly, it’s the first place you can send media representatives who need info for their publications if you put out a new product, build a new store, etc. Second, it’s the perfect place to put news content you want your customers and clients to go when you put out any kind of announcement or something you want them to see or a place to put all kinds of info they need about your products and services.

Most businesses have a public affairs or public relations team. It’s their job to help build the company’s brand and get information out about it. That calls for writing lots of press releases that help to make your business look good in the eyes of other members of your niche, other businesses, your vendors, your customers, the media, etc.

Perks of an online newsroom and why Google loves it.

There’s several perks for having an online newsroom. Besides being a place where everyone from the media to customers know they can always find the latest information and news on your products and services, it’s also a great way to do some online branding and growing your company’s name.

Since this will be where you post everything regarding the growing of your company, it is always going to be up to date and relevant for what’s happening in your niche as well. It’s vital to keep it updated and current as Google and other search engines use this type of info to rate your website. Remember that you want your company to show up in the first spot on the search engine page so potential customers will pick you when they need the products and services you sell.

What should an online newsroom contain about your company?

When it comes to filling up your online newsroom, there are several things that should be there. These include:
Information on your brand, and what it is: This section is similar to an “About Us” information that is on your business website. It should include all the things you’d want in a press release you’d send to a journalist who wanted to do an article on your company. It is meant to provide all the ins and outs of who you are, what you do and produce, your mission statement, etc. Think of it as a fact sheet on the main aspects of your company that you want to share with the world so they can get to know you.

  • Press releases and other news articles: Every time your company puts out a press release, news article, or other news content it should be placed in this section of the online newsroom.
  • Images: This section would contain high resolution images of things like your business logo, your CEO, president and other important people, shots of your products or services, shots of your stores, etc.
  • Videos: Same as for the image section, it should have like how-tos regarding your product, perhaps an intro to your company by your CEO or President, perhaps testimonials by satisfied customers, etc.
  • Podcasts: If you do podcasts, put them here.
  • Blog Posts – You can also post links to your blog posts on your online newsroom landing page. This helps you get more readership for your blog too.
  • Contact info: Put the names of the people you want the media to contact for questions.
  • Media kit: This is where you’d place a digital version of a print media kit if you have one. And if you don’t have one already, now’s the time to put one together. A press kit contains items such as digital brochures, highlight sheet with company info, company’s history, the biographies of the executive staff and related materials. This makes your company look professional and gives you authority.

How to design an online newsroom for your PR communication.

There are several options for creating an online newsroom. In some cases a press release distribution service could offer you the space online for a newsroom. However, it is likely a good idea to just add one onto your existing business website so you have total control over what is put there and can even put a password on it if you desire.
You can put your website IT people on the job to help design the page for your online newsroom. Depending on your existing website, you can use something like WordPress or another kind of Content Management System. The important thing is to keep it simple and easy to navigate. There’s no sense in having an online newsroom that frustrates your users and customers.

Plus, you want to make sure the design features are compatible with the rest of your website and that you keep with good Search Engine Optimization features.

You likely have the majority of all the components you need to create an online newsroom on your business website now. So, use the tips above to bring it all together so your company can get all the associated benefits that an online newsroom can bring.

Ways to integrate an online newsroom into your business website.

So, now that you know what an online newsroom is and what it can do for your business, what’s the best way to integrate it into your business website?

Firstly, that all depends on what kind of business you have and what your market is, along with your targeted audience. You want to be able to do it in such as way that improves your SEO with Google and the other search engines, as well as makes it simple for users, media and clients to navigate.

Here are several ways to avoid some common SEO mistakes:

1. Use posts and pages instead of PDFs

Google’s algorithm doesn’t like PDF format, but it does favor posts and pages type formats. That’s because posts and pages on websites contain data in the form of HTML coding that informs the search engines the type of data that’s on that page or in that post. PDFs don’t contain that code and therefore Google can’t use them when it rates your website pages.

Therefore for good SEO, don’t put your press releases or news articles up on your online newsroom in a PDF format. Some people will ignore them because they are scared to download something in order to read it for one thing, especially in this day and age where data breaches and other cyber attacks seem to happen on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s best to put your news content up in a post type of format where people can read it right off your site..

2. Sharing your content on both the online newsroom and social media improves SEO ranking

Besides having your business website and online newsroom, it’s vital your business has pages on relevant social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Posting something on your social media accounts and linking it to your online newsroom is a win win to grow your brand and get better SEO ranking from Google.

Google algorithm love social media and considers it reliable. So, every post you put on your social media pages is a point for helping your SEO rank grow. It helps the content get shared and followed and it gets read from several online locations, which works great to help more people learn about your company and its products and services.
If your post ends up getting shared by all your followers or even better if it should go viral, it totally impacts your ranking on the search engine pages, grows your brand, and helps your company become more important in your industry niche.

3. If you add multimedia it increases SEO ranking

Google and the other search engines have been able to see multimedia content for quite some time, and they have always looked on if favorably. Google for one looks for such content and values it highly in determining SEO ranking.
Adding some multimedia content involves more than just sticking up a new image or a new video onto the online newsroom page. Don’t just throw up any old image or video you may find funny. You must always ensure whatever type of video, image, graphic, etc. adds some sort of value to your content, and that it is up to date and relevant to your niche. Plus, you need to make sure all images are high resolution, in focus and in good taste. A bad image or one in poor taste can do just as much harm to your company if it goes viral than one that is a great image or video and brings out useful information.

Plus, you need to be uploading new content from time to time, don’t just put up a few cool photos, a video and a message or two and think you are done. You have to keep it up and then your clients, vendors and fellow businesses will keep paying attention to your company as one of the top movers and shakers in the industry.

4. Make sure your online newsroom is accessible on any digital device

Another thing to remember is that if a potential customer or industry leader can’t access your online newsroom content, then it’s totally worthless and you have gone to a lot of trouble and time for nothing. You must make sure it is accessible by all kinds of digital devices from desktop computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones.
If you intended target audience can’t get to the information you want to impart to them, then they will ignore you and go see if your competitor has a mobile website or a mobile app they can use.

Plus, Google will actually penalize you if your website is inaccessible. So, if you want both high rankings by Google as well as want all your targeted audience and potential customers and business partners to see your company as being relevant and an industry leader in your niche, you had better ensure your content can be accessed on any and all digital devices.

5. Provide valued metadata and permalinks so your content is easier to find

These days, online newsrooms and business websites provide fantastic ways to get out some valuable info via metadata and can put out permalinks that are SEO friendly. To do this you need to talk to your IT people and make sure things like tags, snippet previews, and other digital components are used that Google recognizes so your website can be found quickly and easily.

If you don’t include these factors then search engines won’t be able to access your page info and so they won’t have any way to find out if your pages are worth ranking highly or not. So, this part of putting up content on your online newsroom is vital to your SEO ranking.

Create content that is link worthy, it will empower your results on Google search.

Another good aspect of SEO is to have content that people want to link to. Having links from other niche businesses or when customers retweet or repost your content is helpful to SEO. Links are very important and boost your SEO rankings on the search engines.

Add an industry related newsfeed to your online newsroom.

You can also gain more visitors by adding an industry related newsfeed to the content on your online newsroom pages. There are lots of different newsfeeds and services to choose from. Some are free, and some charge. Just do a search for the ones you prefer and start gaining readers today.

Modern SEO practices are vital for a modern online newsroom.

When you create an online newsroom, you can’t forget about using good SEO practices. You need good SEO ranking to boost traffic to your website and lower bounce rates from visitors to your site and your online newsroom.

So, you need to make Google algorithm and the algorithms of other search engines happy so they can find your pages and posts, use them to decide if the content is relevant and up to date and then rank you accordingly. As stated before, you want your business to show up on the first page of a search, preferably in the first spot.

With a modern online newsroom, you will have everything it takes to produce SEO friendly posts and pages so your audience will keep coming back and Google will love them too.

The bottom line is having an online newsroom is vital for your company in many ways, these include:
It prevents information clutter and overload

These days it can be hard for someone trying to find information on your products and services to cut through clutter and information overload, especially if your company has been around for a while. If you instead have an online newsroom, it’s one stop shopping area for anyone needing any sort of information on your company to go to get it.

It stops the spread of misinformation on your business.

Having an online newsroom also prevents the spread of incorrect and misinformation on your company. In times of crisis of some sort, this could be a real boon. If the media and your customers know that your online newsroom is THE place to go for the most current and up to date relevant information on your business, then they will be less likely to believe some news story they find elsewhere. So, it can save your business from being a victim of fake news.
It creates legitimacy and transparency

Plus, if your CEO or President has a consistent voice on your online newsroom pages, it creates legitimacy and transparency about your company and what is going on in it. This builds trust in your business and shows that the company speaks with a single voice and can be relied on constantly and consistently to provide the most up to date and current information.

It makes your business look more human to your visitors.

Many times the media will ask a business to provide them a story on the human angle of a topic. People like stories about real people who work for your company and those who actually use your products and services. So, if you post articles with a human element onto your online newsroom pages, it shows a human side and makes your company look less robotic and homier and more trustworthy.

Giving your customers and the media a means to see behind the corporate image and see the real people who make it possible to have your business and run it daily creates a place that puts a human face to the business.

It increases engagement from employees in a possitive way.

Believe it or not, having an online newsroom also increases engagement from your workers as well as your customers. If you get your workers to trust in the business they work for, then you have made a good investment in ensuring your company runs well and produces a great product or service. Having an online newsroom where they can read what’s going on in their business and perhaps even having a page featuring things like an employee of the month section, etc. go a long way to build the confidence of your work force.

It explains your business’s strategy for new clients.

An online newsroom also gives you a venue to explain your company’s strategy. It can be hard to get that strategy out in a consistent and easy way, and this is one of the best and easiest ways you can use. Surveys have shown that while company CEOs may think their workers understand the company’s strategy, less than half actually do understand it. So, the message is failing to be seen and understood. Enter the online newsroom employee section to help make that a thing of the past and help your people understand what your company’s strategies mean to them and their jobs.

All in all there are tons of benefits to having an online newsroom that are good for building your brand and raising your SEO ranking with the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you don’t already have an online newsroom, it behooves you to create one as soon as possible so you can get in on the benefits it brings.